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Kai Green
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Player: Soph
Canon: Ben 10
Canon Point: Stolen Orb
Alignment: Elios
Date of Entry: 10/07/2014
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Age: 16
Birthday: February 17th
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'3"
Amulet: Naturalness~ A basic natural looking crystal on a chain. Is sometimes used as a hair accessory and doubles as a bracelet.
Appearance: Check out this Stunner!
Profile: Boom!
Contact: [ profile] tifaeria

Permissions: Permissions for actions done to this character.
Key: ☐ (neutral; contact first) | ☑ (yes) | (no).
» Backtagging: ☑
» Threadhopping: ☑
» Hugging: ☑
» Kissing: ☑
» Fighting: ☐ & ☑
» Injuring: ☐ & ☑
» Killing: ☐ &
» Fourth Wall: ☑
» Manipulation: ☐

IC Contact

Jun. 14th, 2034 07:21 pm
firstcrush: (Ok I got his number for sure now)

"Hey, you've reached Kai. Unfortunately I'm not free right now, but leave a message and I'll get to it later. See ya!"


Jun. 14th, 2034 07:20 pm
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How My Driving, Ya'll?

Any questions/concerns/critique? Please let me know! :)
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Memes, Museboxes, you name it. Anything Miscellaneous that Kai's been in over the years is all over here!

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Trackings of AC for The Wake

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*Note: HOLY CRAP THIS IS SO OLLLLLLD! I didn't even update it enough while I was even in the game. @3@ Enjoy my crappy HTML skills. >3<

Within her time on Thor, Kai has written down future notes for herself. Each entry means something significant and she hopes to keep adding on. For all those nosy bees I RP with who always get curious as to why she keeps writing down shit, here's a look of what's in her notebook! Written in Third Person for your convenience~. ;D

Relationship Icon Keys

: People that piss you off // Would like to make their lives miserable // Extremely Annoying
: Acquiantance // Neutral // Bearable // Somewhat Annoying
: Interesting to Write About // Semi-Friends // Awkward Around // Feels Jealousy Towards
: Good Friends // Admires Greatly // Dependable // Semi-Crush
: BFFs // Trusts // Crush // Casual Dating // FWB's
: Family // Huge Crush // Dating Mutually
: Soul-Mates // Lovers // Can't Live Without

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*Past statuses that I gotten from GargleBlasted/Mostly Harmless back in the day~.

Current Status

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This here is my AC post, but it goes beyond my original one. This will show ALL my tags for certain months. ALL OF THEM. So if you feel really bored or want to see how I act, come have a look at my adventures!

*Note: This is from a past game where I played her as an OC teenager. I have since pulled out from the game (and the game kinda died too, v3v;; ), soooo enjoy reading past logs from there!
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*Note: Past (And first ever!) Game App. 8U
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